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I-Connerie | Tiny Bob Ross Paintings 

Scratch Deli in Capitol Hill: June 1 - Oct 11, 2018 

Part of my miniature paintings series started with the discovery of a some of these small gold frames at a yard sale a long time ago. The absurd ornateness of the small frames reminded me of frames on masterpieces found in a museum, and my goal became to fill them with equally as absurd mini masterpieces.

French Noun[edit]. connerie f (plural conneries). (familiar) foolish act; (vulgar) bullshit; (uncountable) stupidity

i-Connerie is a ludicrous exploration of famous masterpieces, from a farcical view of Victorian cameo classic portraits to familiar religious icons with an absurd twist.


After some time working in acrylics on mini paintings, I decided to try my hand at oil painting using some videos of Bob Ross episodes. Originally used as an oil painting exercise, creating the tiny landscapes started to become very grounding and meditative and became a kind of art therapy during the dark winter months. I started to look forward to beating the devil out of my tiny brushes while learning to paint fluffy clouds and happy little trees under the encouraging tutelage of Bob Ross.